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I like to flip out of the mom car every once in awhile

Nevins Family

What did you think when you first heard about car subscription?

We started doing some research on subscriptions and initially my husband thought the price was high because we hadn’t had a car payment in so long. Once we looked into the kind of car we wanted we realized it would be on par with what it costs to own when you add in insurance, maintenance, and everything else. My husband is cheap and spreadsheet oriented, and analyzes everything very closely. It always sounded like a great deal to me, but then he realized it was a good deal as well, which is huge. He has even started selling it to people!

What does subscription mean to you?

Subscription means freedom, spontaneity, and not being tied down or held back. We used to own 3 homes and cars, but we couldn't sell the houses. Having something that we can stop whenever we want is great and not owning something is a gift. In addition, the service is exciting and stress free. We were in an accident - someone rear ended me. It was so easy. The Concierges handled everything. It is almost like driving your parent’s car again. I don't have to worry about being a grown up and dealing with owning my own car!

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